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who we are

who we are

Established in 2017, Pegasus is an independent Italian film and television production company and has the ambition to represent the last frontier of entertainment in the audiovisual industry.
Founded and managed by two women, Martha Capello and Ilaria Dello Iacono, who are both experienced managers in the film/theatrical business, Pegasus (together with its associate company Martha Production) wants to become a point of reference for audiences, who are seen not as a mere target group, but as a true factor of joint growth, and for all operators in this field.
Pegasus prepares content for an ever more international market and is able to develop projects that speak a universal language, which may therefore be produced and distributed in all parts of the world. In this manner, it includes and enhances Italian creativity within an organization structure and a vision with universal standards in view of cooperating with a great number of production and distribution companies of other countries. Pegasus’ products aim at creating the feeling of “being a part of it”, identity and participation in a valuable work.


Over the past few years, Pegasus has gone through a significant productive development: it produced the international film “American Night”, presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2021, which hit Italian theatres on 19 May 2022 and is now running for Academy Award nominations. It is a neo-noir thriller set in the world of contemporary art in New York as well as a great love story directed by Alessio Della Valle, who also wrote the screenplay, and its cast includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Emile Hirsch, Paz Vega, Jeremy Piven, Michael Madsen and the Italians Fortunato Cerlino, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, and Marco Leonardi. The original song for the film was written and performed by the international pop star Anastacia, while the soundtrack is Marco Beltrami’s work. The film’s screenplay was included in the prestigious Core Collection Files at the Academy’s Museum of Cinema in Los Angeles.
The film has already been sold in 24 countries of the world.
And there is more: the romantic comedy “Rido perché ti amo” directed by Paolo Ruffini, based on an original idea by Max Croci, with Nicola Nocella, Dafne Scoccia, Herbert Ballerina, Greg, Loretta Goggi and Paolo Ruffini; the sentimental drama film set in the music world “Morrison” by Federico Zampaglione, based on the coming-of-age novel “Dove tutto è a metà” (Mondadori), written together with Giacomo Gensini: this film’s main actors are Lorenzo Zurzolo, Giovanni Calcagno, Carlotta Antonelli, Giglia Marra, with special appearances by Alessandra Amoruso and Ermal Meta as themselves; finally, “Greta e le favole vere”, director Berardo Carboni, with Raul Bova, Donatella Finocchiaro, Sabrina Impacciatore and Darko Peric (“Money Heist”): a family story combined with the important issue of the protection of nature and animals; a highly innovative work, because it combines traditional film narration with the use of 2D animation and rotoscope.


Pegasus has already established several partnerships with Italian and foreign companies, including Rai Cinema, 01 Distribution, Vision Distribution, Amazon Prime Video, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Première TV Distribution, Universal, Lionsgate, Saban Films, Voltage Pictures, ICM-CAA, WME, European Film Bond, but it wishes to develop solid relationships with all main players in the entertainment industry by proposing a vast range of productions, such as theatrical and tv movies, series, docu-series and documentaries that are able to uncover the thousand facets of the world in which we live and to imagine new worlds of storytelling, speaking the same language and sharing the same passions of the various audiences at which the products are targeted: from kids to adults, from millennials to perennials.
To achieve these results, the company relies on the collaboration with successful authors and artists, invests in upcoming talents and never stops searching for new people who are ready to dare by renewing and innovating the “language” of audiovisual works. Experimenting with languages and content is in fact one of Pegasus’ main features, and it encourages the company to explore the new territories of entertainment and fully exploit their potential in a cross-media perspective: it is now involved in the creation of podcasts, from which to draw different kinds of content (films, tv series, novels, graphic novels).


Sustainability is a notion to which Pegasus has always devoted attention. It includes green content in its productions and tries to make sure that offices and sets respect the criteria of the circular economy.
In 2022, under Martha Capello’s leadership, Pegasus is included (together with 21 other Italian companies of excellence) in the prestigious association of businesses created by the Italian Stock Exchange and named “ELITE”: an international network of successful entrepreneurs, partners, brokers that focuses on helping the world’s best businesses transform their visions into strategic plans and concrete results.

Nata nel 2017, Pegasus è una casa di produzione cinematografica e televisiva italiana indipendente e ha l’ambizione di rappresentare l’ultima frontiera dell’intrattenimento nel settore dell’audiovisivo.

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