Sergio Romerio


Born in Milan, Italy, Sergio Romerio is the Chief Financial Officer of the film and television production company Pegasus since May 2021; he is in charge of all administrative, financial and controlling aspects of the company and also oversees the HR, legal and tax area.
In 2009, he was hired by QMI Group, where he worked as head of administrative affairs until 2019, when he was appointed Manager of Administration, Finance and Controlling, supervising the human resources area. Over the years, he became head of the general services office and customer service and of the legal department.

Previously, Romerio worked in I.NET, a company of the British Telecom (BT) group, as General Ledger & Fiscal Professional. Following the merger of I.NET into BT, in 2008 he was promoted Head of Financial Statements and Management of Subsidiaries and Head of Group Tax Matters of BT.
He has also worked as Head Accountant of Unitecta Italiana Spa, a company of the ICI group.
He started his professional career in Nokia Telecommunication Group and KPMG.


Nata nel 2017, Pegasus è una casa di produzione cinematografica e televisiva italiana indipendente e ha l’ambizione di rappresentare l’ultima frontiera dell’intrattenimento nel settore dell’audiovisivo.

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